It’s counter intuitive- but hey! It works!

Touch your partner, especially in the heat of an argument. It will remind you that you’re on the same team.
My friend Brenda’s husband waves a white towel in front of her during arguments and says, “Same team, same team”! This usually calms her down right away and is a nice way of staying connected during a dispute. Remember, this is a marriage, there is going to be conflict, this is about doing the least amount of damage to the relationship during arguments. It’s about damage control. Touching your partner in the heat of an argument keeps you both grounded in the fact that you love each other and are together and are on the same team. It is very easy to forget this when arguing. Things can get out of control really quickly and your partner can look like an enemy. This is when the damage usually happens. Even though you disagree and may not like your partner just then, it is a reminder that you are together and you do love each other. It is just an argument and this too shall pass. It reminds you that you can argue, but you don’t have to hate each other in the process. Happy coupling!

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