Admit when you are wrong…

Always admit it when you’re wrong. Remember, it doesn’t make you a bad person, just a human one.
By refusing to admit when you are wrong, you perpetuate a power struggle with your partner. Everyone is wrong sometimes. Surely there are enough wonderful, charming, exciting and riveting things about you, such that admitting you’re wrong doesn’t completely annihilate you! You can still be the great person you are and be wrong. It makes you human. Some people believe that to admit to a wrongdoing means there is something wrong with them as a person. No, the behavior was wrong, you as a person are irresistible! I believe this idea gets started in childhood when our parents would punish us for doing something wrong. We therefore learned not to admit to doing anything wrong. Smart move, see, add smart to your list of wonderful qualities! As an adult you can start admitting when you are wrong, it will feel very real and if done with the right person, it will feel very liberating. You will be surprised how quickly your partner will also take their responsibility for any wrongdoings once they see you doing it and feel safe enough to do so as well. Hell, you’re an adult now-you can admit to being wrong and not get punished! Halleluyah, you’re human!! Happy coupling!


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