Deposit money into your emotional bank account!

Find at least 10 minutes every night to talk together, alone and uninterrupted. This really reconnects us with our partner after a long day apart. It also makes each other a priority when you both come home and lets each other know in a subtle way that this relationship is really important to you both. I know for those of you with children, that this might be challenging, but finding 10 minutes to have a glass of wine together or just sit and tell each other about your respective days, listening, reflecting back and paying total attention to your partner is like depositing money into your emotional bank account each and every day. The more money you have in there, the easier it will be for the two of you to weather any storm in the relationship. Couples who end up apart often lack money in their emotional bank account; nothing in there to get them through the hard stuff. Share both the best and worst parts of your day with your partner, every day. I have a friend who asks the most delightful questions, such as, “What was the best thing that happened to you today?” “What was the worst part of your day today?” “What did you learn about yourself today?” These types of questions are wonderful and tend to be a lot more deeper questions than, “How was your day?” Make up some of your own, you will learn a lot more about each other from these questions.
Happy coupling!


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