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Infidelity article in National Post

November 23, 2013

So, check out the story in Nov 23rd’s  National Post that I was interviewed for. The article is about infidelity being a positive thing for some relationships. I don’t condone infidelity as a way of improving a relationship, but do believe that we can work with it in therapy to alert us to the shortcomings of the relationship and improve on that relationship. There are exceptions however. In the case of long and intimate affairs, the prognosis for working on a pre-existing relationship is not good. In my experience, if the affair is a one night kind of a thing and there are no deeper feelings held for the person we cheated with, then it can be used to bring to light what is missing in a pre existing relationship. I’d be curious to hear your experiences. Hopefully you come in for help before someone has an affair!! Happy coupling!