Signs of relationship stress

Happy New Year everyone! The time right after the holidays tends to be a busy time for therapists. The holidays tend to be stressful, frustrating, disappointing and lonely for people and it is often right after the chaos of the holidays that people begin to realize this and are motivated to deal with these issues.

How many of these signs of relationship stress are you currently struggling with?

1. You and your partner have difficulty resolving conflicts.

2. You and your partner never discuss your relationship.

3. You feel that your partner doesn’t really know you.

4. You feel that you don’t really know your partner.

5. You find yourself criticizing your partner all the time.

6.You feel closer to your friends than to your partner.

7. You blame each other or stonewall each other very often.

8. You feel lonely in your relationship.

9.You’re showing symptoms of stress.

10. You’re self medicating with drugs/alcohol for the stress in your relationship.

from: Women Managing Stress: A Sourcebook of Natural Solutions by M. Sara, Prentice Hall Canada, 2002.

If you find yourself struggling with 3 or more, perhaps couples therapy is in your future?

Happy coupling!!


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