The couple that plays together, stays together!

ImageHappy weekend everyone! A great way to feel close to your partner is to create a weekly ritual together. It might involve exercise, sports, play, entertainment, you name it. The idea is to create a special time every week for just the two of you to do what you both enjoy. My husband and I contracted to devote Friday mornings to exercising together. It is our priority and we stick to it. When I overhear him turning down a plan because he, “Has plans with his wife to go for a run”, it makes my heart sing. I feel important to him and a priority in his life. The awareness of this safe attachement goes a long way toward the security of our relationship and reduces conflict and arguments in our life together overall. Most petty arguments about the toothpaste cap being put on the wrong way is about testing these attachements; how much do I really matter to you? Will you do what I need you to do? Get more securely attached to each other and these arguments tend to reduce dramatically. So get out there and make a plan with your honey and stick to it! Happy coupling!


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